Submission & Formatting Guidelines for the Aromatherapy Registration Council Newsletter

This PDF includes the ARC writing, submission, and advertising guidelines for the publication’s newsletter. Please review the following guidelines carefully before submitting your work. If you have any questions about these guidelines, email

The ARC Newsletter

Periodically throughout the year, the ARC publishes a newsletter for members and the general public.

New editions of the newsletter are published and accessible directly through the ARC website here: Newsletters. They can also be downloaded in PDF format for individual use.

Archived editions of the newsletter are also available on the ARC website here:

About the ARC Newsletter

The ARC aromatherapy newsletter is dedicated to providing aromatherapy professionals with information about the latest research advancements and professional tools and resources in the field.

Example topics for newsletter articles include but are not limited to:

  • Aromatherapy industry events
  • Developments and/or breakthroughs in the aromatherapy field
  • Essential oil profiles
  • Aromatherapy safety
  • Aromatherapy blending
  • Holistic aromatherapy for health and well-being
  • Aromatherapist featured profiles
  • Developing research reviews
  • Announcements for Registered Aromatherapists (RAs)

How Do I Format My ARC Newsletter Submission?

Ensure your ARC newsletter submission meets the following requirements BEFORE you submit:


You are a Registered Aromatherapist (RA) or aromatherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), or other health professional who specializes in aromatherapy—such as a Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVNs), or a Certified Nutrition Professional (CNP)—with verifiable education and credentials in your field to write on your topic. If you are an international contributor, please be aware you may be asked to submit documentation of educational background with your submission.


  • LENGTH: Articles should be approximately 600-1,500 words. Longer articles will be considered for publication but may be substantively edited as needed.
  • FORMAT: Articles should be submitted in WORD (.doc or .docx) format and be 12 pt., Times New Roman font. Use ONLY black ink. Single space.
  • STYLE: Follow APA style for all references, including in-text citations and References page. For examples of how to use APA style, visit the APA website at:
  • LATIN: Include the Latin name for all herbs and essential oils mentioned. The first reference to an herb/oil should include the full Latin name in italics and the botanist, e.g., lavender Lavandula angustifolia (Mill.). All subsequent references to the same herb/oil should use the abbreviated form of the Latin, e.g., lavender L. angustifolia.
  • ORIGINALITY: All articles should be original to the author and include accurate references. If you choose to submit work that has been previously published, you must substantively revise the text to offer new research and/or insights for the reader AND include a note for the editor, e.g., “An earlier version of this article originally appeared in Massage Magazine”. Fact check ALL information, including dates and historical references; all responsibility for accuracy remains with the author.


  • Do not embed images in your WORD file; submit them as separate file attachments.
  • Image files should be .jpg, .gif., or .png and a minimum 300 dpi.
  • ONLY submit images that you own (i.e., images that you have photographed yourself) or that you have express written permission to use.
  • If using someone else’s images, include full attribution information in your submission email, including the photographer’s name, the copyright date, a caption, and contact information.


The ARC editorial staff will proofread all articles. Articles may also be edited by the ARC editorial staff prior to publication. However, your article should be as “clean” as possible at the time of submission.


  • Always spellcheck and proofread your article before submission.
  • Do not use the words “treat,” “treatment,” or “patient” in your writing unless they fall within your scope of practice.
  • All submissions must meet basic American English language requirements. If youhave an international submission or if English is not your primary language, always spellcheck your work for correct American English terminology and spelling, e.g., American English uses “theater” not “theatre” and “catalog” not “catalogue.”

Your Bio (i.e., About the Author)

Please include a brief bio at the end of your article (approximately 50-100 words).

In your bio, include:

  • A brief description of your professional credentials and relevant work experience (i.e., Do you own a holistic health practice? What is it called? What do you specialize in?)
  • Your website address with hyperlink, email address, and phone number (associated with your business or website)
  • A headshot image in .jpg, .gif., or .png format and at least 300 dpi

Payment for Articles

ARC offers the following in exchange for articles:

  • Individuals who write a one-time article will be provided with one free quarter page (1/4) ad* in the newsletter your article appears in.
  • Regular contributors who commit to four high-quality articles will be provided with one free half-page (1/2) ad* in four issues of the ARC newsletter.

*Writers are solely responsible for creating ad copy and the submission of their ads to ARC for publication.

ARC also offers compensation in the form of promotional information; all published articles will include an author bio, picture, email, website (with hyperlink), and phone number.

Advertising Opportunities

ARC offers several advertising opportunities for businesses, companies, events, etc. who would like to connect with ARC readers without an article submission (see Payment for Articles above).

ARC offers the following ad sizes and rates:

  • quarter page (1/4) for $25 (one-time rate)
  • half page (1/2) for $45 (one-time rate)
  • full page for $85 (one-time rate)

ARC does not offer any ad services; advertisers are solely responsible for ad creation and proofing.

Ads should be submitted in .jpg or .pdf format with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Illustrator files are also acceptable.

Email with your interest in ads and include the subject line ARC Ad Submission. Include your name, address, and phone number in your email.

Make checks payable to ARC and return to:

Aromatherapy Registration Council 5005 SW Macadam Ave.
Portland, OR 97239

Continuing Education (CEUs)

The ARC newsletter provides an excellent forum for you to make your talents and expertise known in your community and around the world.

Published articles count towards the 100 contact hours Registered Aromatherapists are required to complete every five years.* Five contact hours are awarded for a two-page aromatherapy article published in the ARC newsletter.

*Read more about ARC contact hour requirements and re-registration at: CE Requirements and at – Reregistration Information

2015-2016 Publication Dates

Newsletters are published when adequate submissions have been received so please submit your articles as soon as they are ready. ARC aims to publish four newsletters a year.

Submit Your Article

Please email your article submission(s) with any corresponding images to the ARC Board at and use the subject line ARC Newsletter Submission.

ARC Policy On Submissions

Submission does not guarantee publication. The ARC Board will review all submissions before being accepted.

Further, all submissions are subject to editing by the ARC editorial staff. You may be contacted by an ARC editor with recommendations and/or required revisions. Revisions do not guarantee acceptance or publication.

All submitted WORD documents, image files, and editorial communications (such as emails) are kept on file with the ARC.

You will be notified via email if your article has been accepted for publication and/or if ARC editors are requesting revisions.

The author must provide proof of any copyright materials included with all submissions. If your article is published in the ARC newsletter, ARC maintains the right to use the material in future publications, on the ARC website, and/or for educational purposes.

If your submission does not follow the ARC Writer’s & Advertising Guidelines you will be notified and asked to correct and resubmit your work. This can delay publication, once accepted.


The ARC retains first rights for publication. However, authors maintain copyright for their work and can re-publish their work on their own blog and/or website 30 days after it has appeared in the ARC newsletter; ARC just asks that authors include a credit, e.g., This article originally appeared in the ARC newsletter, Issue 21, June 24, downloadable at

If you have any questions please contact:
Karen Sturges-Vera:
ARC Board: