Continuing Education Requirements

View the complete continuing education requirements at the PTC website here.

RAs need to complete the renewal form by listing all activities that fall within the definitions below in the last five years and submit it with the $325 renewal fee. If you don’t have 100 hours you can participate in ARC test development activities. For example, participation in a one-day ARC item review session = 8 contact hours. Submission of 10 multiple-choice test questions submitted to PTC = 10 contact hours.

100 contact hours are equal to 100 actual hours made up from an aromatherapy-related continuing education offering provided by any approved educational body or organization, or by a NAHA or AIA approved school or educator. Training in Raindrop Therapy or Aroma Touch is not approved as a continuing education offering as these administrative techniques are not approved as safe administration methods by ARC.

Continuing Education MUST BE Aromatherapy-related and can include:

  • workshops
  • seminars
  • professional development offerings
  • distance-education courses
  • state or national conferences
  • academic courses
  • the preparation and presentation of a professional education topic relevant to aromatherapy
  • an original article written by the candidate and published in a professional journal

Also, the following ARC test development activities:

  • participation in a two-day ARC item review session = 10 contact hours
  • submission of 10 multiple-choice test questions submitted to PTC = 10 contact hours

If the continuing education is listed by credits, each individual academic credit will be considered as ten (10) Contact Hours and may be at undergraduate or graduate level.

All RAs are responsible for maintaining continuing education records used for this Application.

All Applications are subject to audit and may be randomly selected for verification of the information provided.

Candidates whose Applications are selected for audit will be notified on receipt of Application and will be requested to document all entries.

Download the Requirements and the 3-page Reregistration Application which must be completed and returned to:

Professional Testing Corporation
1350 Broadway, Suite 800
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212-356-0676, Fax: 212-356-0678

Minimum Standards of Eligibility

At the Board Meeting on October 23, 2003, the motion for the ARC to adopt the proposed new minimum standards of eligibility was adopted. Applicants for examinations for 2004 and onwards must meet minimum standards of eligibility to sit the examination. These new requirements, established by the ARC board after consultation with the ARC advisory committee, are outlined in the latest handbook and online at the “How to Apply” page. You can download a candidate handbook here, or at the website of the Examination Administrator, Professional Testing Corporation.

Registration is a mark of the candidate’s dedication to the Aromatherapy field and to the safety of his or her clients and customers. It is an exciting demonstration of the development of the Aromatherapy industry in the US and Canada. The new minimum standards of eligibility are designed to protect the credibility of the Registration process and ensure that the goal of public safety is preserved.

Disciplinary Policy

The ARC Board has adopted a revised Disciplinary Policy as of January 2015. The Disciplinary Policy is available for download here or by clicking the PDF icon at right.