The Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) is a fast-growing independent, international member-based organization with the vision of being a leading international aromatherapy organization making aromatherapy a readily accessible and respected holistic healing modality. AIA unites aromatherapists from around the world to advance research and professionalism within the aromatherapy industry. As a result, the public has the option for a safe, natural and complementary form of health care. The AIA aims to: provide education to the public using scientific-based research and traditional information, promote responsible use of aromatherapy, inspire excellence in educational standards for aromatherapy training; serve as a leading resource for evidence-based aromatherapy research for medical and wellness care professionals; bring conventional medicine and natural therapies, with emphasis on professional aromatherapy, into a more harmonious relationship; serve as a resource for the furtherance of professional education and interconnection of serious practitioners of aromatherapy; and serve the public, researchers, educators, healthcare professionals, industry, and the media.

The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) is an educational, nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing public awareness of the benefits of true aromatherapy. NAHA is actively involved with promoting and elevating academic standards in aromatherapy education and practice for the profession. NAHA is also actively involved in furthering the public’s perception and knowledge of true aromatherapy and its safe and effective application in everyday life. NAHA’s mission is to revive the knowledge of the medicinal use of aromatic plants and essential oils to its fullest extent and to restore aromatherapy to a truly holistic professional art and science. NAHA is the leader in promoting and elevating true aromatherapy through the active dissemination of educational material to the general public, trade/professional associations, business owners and practitioners.

The Herb Research Foundation is the world’s first and foremost source of accurate, science-based information on the health benefits and safety of medicinal plants. Founded in 1983 with a mission of herb research and public education, HRF remains committed to supporting the public’s right to truthful information about the health benefits of herbs. HRF is a nonprofit organization that receives no public funding, but instead depends 100% on the support of our members. Herb Research Foundation 1007 Pearl St. Suite 200 Boulder, CO 80302b Phone: (303) 449-2265 Fax: (303) 449-7849 Email:


There are many excellent choices for your aromatherapy training, whether you choose distance learning or on-campus programs. As many members of the Aromatherapy Registration Council Board and Advisors are aromatherapy educators, we do not recommend particular schools and are unable to answer emails requesting information on which programs to take. You should review information from each school carefully including memberships, industry recognition, and state licensing. We also recommend that you review program curricula to ensure that your particular training objectives will be covered.

The AIA offers a list of approved schools which you may find helpful.  You can reach them at

NAHA also offers a list of approved schools which you may find helpful. Click the following link to learn more:

We wish you all the best in your education, and trust that you will sit the National Examination in Aromatherapy once you have completed your training.


The Aromatherapy Registration Council